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A letter to Mademoiselle Zhivago

anonim1 site21/10/2013 17:09
StudentMK Uzb
orogaya Lara Fabian,
Vy priezzhaete v Tashkent. Ya tak mechtayu popast' na Vash koncert, no ne smogu po dvum prichinam...

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Uzbekistan: letter from the penal colony «Jaslyk» on new cases of torture

1Pismo zakluchennogoThis letter is more like a note passed among prisoners of the penal colony 64/71. They describe a new form of punishment administered chaotically, and their attempts to resist the violence directed against them to suppress the human spirit. 

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Uzbekistan: up to 4 hours in the queue to use toilet – is it not torture?

2lettre 64.1 2Association for Human Rights in Central Asia has received a letter signed by prisoner detained in colony 64/6 in Chirchiq.

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Uzbekistan: lettre the colony 64/33

6433Unofficial translation of the letter from Uzbek into Russian, translated by Association for Human Rights in Central Asia.

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